Meet the Gangplank Utah Organizers

Serendipity brought the three of us – Dan, Shirlayne and Mike – together at this particular point in time to launch Gangplank Utah. We share a passion for collaboration, idea sharing, open communication and having fun, and a desire to bring Utah’s technical, creative, design and business communities together with the State’s brightest young minds to explore innovation and feed the entrepreneurial spirit we are famous for.

Our unique space is filled with the kind of positive energy it takes to create, and we are thrilled to share it with you! Come in, stay a while, and experience the transformative affect of collaboration in motion.

  • Briannotbryan Design

    Briannotbryan Design

    Premium bespoke media offerings to studios, agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations and independent entrepreneurs. Learn more..

  • TechTitans


    TechTITANS Student Innovation Society aims to inspire and support Utah students to create, design and innovate. Learn more on TechTITANS

  • Sorenson Media

    Sorenson Media

    Sorenson Media continues its long standing commitment to the people of Utah through Gangplank UT's funding and entrepreneur mentorship.

  • Gangplank Utah

    It all starts in Utah

    Home to Gangplank Utah and Tech Titans. We're happy to call Utah our home - Come join Gangplank Utah and Get Hooked! What is Gangplank Utah?